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Do you need the scanner inside your pocket? Well, here you can download CamScanner APK – Phone PDF Creator, the latest APK (51171). Yes, CamScanner APK is a good productivity application, which you can enjoy to help you in your work. Like its name, CamScanner APK is good for scanning some documents and converting them into image or PDF files. CamScanner APK is good for the elegant appearance and good features. The appearance of the application is quite simple and is built in a light color, so users will be easy to use. On the other hand, the application also has the full features, which will help your work.

CamScanner APK – Review of the PDF creator of the phone

CamScanner APK is developed by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd and the developer creates the application to a large extent. Within Google Play, the application gets a 3.5 star rating. It is a good rating for the new scanner application and shows that users get their intention when using this application. The interface of this application is really simple and easy to use. The developer applies the simple design in the construction of the application by providing the scanner and some features. The navigation menu within this application is also easy to use, so without a tutorial users could operate the application well.

Savings options

Although the name of this application is the PDF creator, here the developer also provides the options when you want to save the scanned documents. In the save option, here you can choose the PDF or the image. The save option will give you the option to do the save method, as you wish.

Editing options

To make a clear scan, the application offers the editing option. We are sure that sometimes we cannot scan well due to the camera’s capacity. Here, with the editing option, you can clarify the scanned document. With this function, you can crop the scanned document and add some effects to make it clear.

The application is also nice with edge detection. Through this function, the application will automatically detect the edge of the documents. It will be good and very useful to get the best scan result.

camscanner apk

CamScanner APK Pros:

  • Friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Full feature for the best scan

CamScanner APK Cons:

You need high camera resolution

How to use CamScanner APK

Actually, it is simple to use CamScanner APK. After downloading the application from Google Play, you can open it directly without any registration and verification. To start the scan, of course, first prepare your document.

Then, click on the scan button inside the application and the application will automatically prepare to scan the document. Make a correct position using edge detection before scanning. When the position is correct, touch the scan button and it will automatically scan the document completely. Before saving the document, you can edit the scanned document by trimming it or adding some effects.

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